Services for all kinds of smile enhancement

Serving adults and children

Early experiences shape a lifetime of oral health. Our team looks for creative ways to make sure every child feels welcome to ask questions and relax in our care.

Complete dental exams, with cleanings, diagnostic evaluations and regular x-rays

We know it can be hard to fit self-care into your busy routine. Our automated reminder service will help you, and your family, stay up to date with regular check-ups and cleanings. 

Same-day emergency treatment

When you and your teeth need urgent care, we’re here for you. 

Restorative treatment

When it’s time for a tooth replacement, whether its a single implant or a full set, we can offer a number of state-of-the-art therapeutic options. We’re committed to finding solutions to any dental problem that restore natural feel and function.

Focus on prevention

A great preventative care plan can help you protect your smile and reduce dental expenses. We’ll work with you to keep common issues like gum disease and tooth decay from becoming major dental procedures.

Cosmetic treatment

If you don’t feel confident about your smile due to discolored, overcrowded or missing teeth, we can customize your care plan with effective remedies and natural-looking solutions. From whitening to veneers and crowns, we can work with you to discover the smile you’ve always wanted.

Payment plans

We’re committed to you and your smile. We offer payment plans to keep dental expenses budget-friendly and to help make those smile goals reachable.

Whiten In One Visit!

Now offering Zoom whitening. A gentle but effective professional whitening treatment with immediately noticeable results.

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